The Algebra Support Lab in V217 is a drop-in lab providing help with Algebra: Math A, Math D, Math G, and Math 12. Staffed with algebra tutors who can help with homework and test preparation. Computers are available for online homework and technology-based projects. A great place to do your homework!

ILP Math G Classes

Lecture and Optional Lab

ILP Math G classes offer a classroom lecture supplemented by the Algebra Support Lab.

Five Units, Two or Four Days a Week

ILP Math G classes are five units and meet either two or four days a week. The four-day-a-week format allows for more frequent but shorter classes, with smaller amounts of information presented each class session.

Stress-Free Testing

To reduce stress or distractions, you can take exams outside of class in alternative locations such as the LRC Testing Center or the ILP Testing Room.

Have Questions? Need to Schedule a Test? Contact Ann Mitchell or James Razavi


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