1. Course contact person needs to be available to assist instructors in a timely manner who are teaching the classfor the first time.
    They will provide:
    • Textbook(s), instructor version, if possible
    • Contact information for publishing representative
    • Up-to-date pacing calendar and sections covered
    • Title V document (https://math.sierracollege.edu/courses)
    • Math Department webpage ( https://math.sierracollege.edu/ ) and other resources
    • Required CSLOs for that course and required Title IX statement for their syllabus
    • Samples of quizzes, exams and syllabi
      • A reminder to submit a copy of their syllabi to the division office
Title Course Contact Person
Canvas Jay Kesler jkesler@sierracollege.edu
MyLab Mary Beth Pattengale mpattengale@sierracollege.edu
MyOpenMath Jay Kesler jkesler@sierracollege.edu
Jacqueline Anderson janderson29@sierracolleg.edu
ALEKS Donna Smith dosmith@sierracollege.edu
Ian Wu iwu@sierracollege.edu
Lumen Jill Rafael jrafael@sierracollege.edu
WebAssign Sudha Kolathu Parambil  skolathuparambil@sierracollege.edu
Connect Math Sudha Kolathu Parambil  skolathuparambil@sierracollege.edu
Promethean Board Donna Smith dosmith@sierracollege.edu


Course Title Course Contact Person
Math 10 Problem Solving Jay Kesler jkesler@sierracollege.edu
Jill Rafael jrafael@sierracollege.edu
Math 12 College Algebra Barbara Erysian berysian@sierracollege.edu
Mary Beth Pattengale mpattengale@sierracollege.edu
Math 13 Statistics James Sullivan jsullivan@sierracollege.edu
Jay Kesler jkesler@sierracollege.edu
Donna Smith dosmith@sierracollege.edu
Walter Pro wpro@sierracollege.edu (textbook)
James Razavi jrazavi@sierracollege.edu (textbook)
Math 15 Discrete Math Dan Balaguy dbalaguy@sierracollege.edu
Math 16A/B Life Science Calculus Ian Wu iwu@sierracollege.edu
Dan Balaguy dbalaguy@sierracollege.edu
Math 17 Concepts of Math Patricia Ritchie-Reese pritchie@sierracollege.edu
Math 18 Nature of Math Jill Rafael jrafael@sierracollege.edu
Patricia Ritchie-Reese pritchie@sierracollege.edu
Math 19 Mathematical Concepts
for School Teachers
Patricia Ritchie-Reese pritchie@sierracollege.edu
Math 24 Modern Business Math Kiet Vo kvo1@sierracollege.edu
Math 27 Trigonometry Mike Waterson mwaterson@sierracollege.edu
Donna Smith dosmith@sierracollege.edu
Math 29 Pre-Calculus Mike Waterson mwaterson@sierracollege.edu
Math 30,31,32 Calculus Mary Beth Pattengale mpattengale@sierracollege.edu
Math 33 Differential Equations Dan Balaguy dbalaguy@sierracollege.edu
Ian Wu iwu@sierracollege.edu
Math 42 Business Calculus Sudha Kolathu Parambil  skolathuparambil@sierracollege.edu
Math 584 Math Success -
Overcoming Math Anxiety
Patricia Ritchie-Reese pritchie@sierracollege.edu