The Next Contest

The next contest, round 2 of the 2018-2019 series, will be help Friday, March 1 2019. Check back here in the Spring 2019 semester for the registration link.

Previous Contests Score Rank
2018 Fall Answers 64 20/49
2018 Spring Answers    
2017 Fall Answers    
2017 Spring Answers    
2016 Fall Answers    
2016 Spring Answers    
2015 Fall Answers    

About the Math Contest

Once a semester, Sierra College participates in the AMATYC Math Contest to compete against other colleges from around the country. If you, as a student, were to take the math contest, you would de facto be on the Sierra College team; the scoring is calculated in such a way that a student who does not do well on the contest does not negatively affect the team score, so there is no pressure. It is simply a fun way to challenge yourself and grow your mathematical reasoning skills.

The contest itself is a 60 minute, 20 question multiple choice contest. You get 2 points for a correct answer, and -0.5 points for a wrong answer; you are not penalized for leaving a question blank.


The Student Mathematics League was founded in 1970 by Nassau Community College in New York.  In 1981, the American Mathematical Association of Two-year Colleges assumed sponsorship with Terry Shell of Santa Rosa Junior College as its first director.  The League has grown to more than 120 Colleges in more than twenty states involving over three thousand Community College math students. View the official rules and available prizes.