1. Assist instructors who are teaching the class for the first time with the following:
    1. Provide a textbook (instructor edition, if possible) and publisher representative contact information.
    2. Provide a pacing calendar and sections covered for the current edition of the textbook.
    3. Provide a copy of the CSLO's & tell them that they are required to list these in their syllabus for each class.
    4. Provide ideas for quizzes, exams and grading, if requested.
  2. Be the contact person for the division office so that pertinent questions could be answered.
Course Title Responsible Person
All Math Canvas Jay Kesler jkesler@sierracollege.edu
All Math MyMathLab Mary Beth Pattengale mpattengale@sierracollege.edu
Ken Johnson kjohnson@sierracollege.edu
All Math MyOpenMath Jay Kesler jkesler@sierracollege.edu
Andre Bazos abazos@sierracollege.edu
Jacqueline Anderson janderson29@sierracolleg.edu
All Math ALEKS Donna Smith dosmith@sierracollege.edu
Math 30, 31, 32 WebAssign Andre Bazos abazos@sierracollege.edu
Math 13 Connect Math Andre Bazos abazos@sierracollege.edu
Math A-D ILP Jill Rafael jrafael@sierracollege.edu
James Razavi (textbooks) jrazavi@sierracollege.edu
Math A Elementary Algebra Mary Beth Pattengale mpattengale@sierracollege.edu
James Razavi (textbooks) jrazavi@sierracollege.edu
Michele Morgan (NCC) mmorgan@sierracollege.edu
Math B Geometry Dan Balaguy dbalaguy@sierracollege.edu
Pitt Turner pturner@sierracollege.edu
Math D Intermediate Algebra Sabrina Newsome snewsome@sierracollege.edu
Jill Rafael jrafael@sierracollege.edu
James Razavi (textbooks) jrazavi@sierracollege.edu
Michele Morgan (NCC) mmorgan@sierracollege.edu
Math E Practical Math Katie Lucero klucero@sierracollege.edu
Math G+S

Intermediate Algebra

Katie Lucero klucero@sierracollege.edu
Ian Wu iwu@sierracollege.edu

Math 10 Problem Solving Ken Johnson kjohnson@sierracollege.edu
Jay Kesler jkesler@sierracollege.edu
Jill Rafael jrafael@sierracollege.edu
Math 12 College Algebra Barbara Erysian berysian@sierracollege.edu
Math 13
Math 13S
Statistics James Sullivan jsullivan@sierracollege.edu
Andre Bazos abazos@sierracollege.edu
Donna Smith dosmith@sierracollege.edu
Math 15 Discrete Math Dan Balaguy dbalaguy@sierracollege.edu
Math 16A/B Life Science Calculus Dan Balaguy dbalaguy@sierracollege.edu
Math 17 Concepts of Math Patricia Ritchie-Reese pritchie@sierracollege.edu
Math 18 Nature of Math Jill Rafael jrafael@sierracollege.edu
Math 19 Mathematical Concepts
for School Teachers
Dan Balaguy dbalaguy@sierracollege.edu
Math 24 Modern Business Math Ken Johnson kjohnson@sierracollege.edu
Math 27 Trigonometry Rebecca Kyler rkyler@sierracollege.edu
Math 29 Pre-Calculus Rebecca Kyler rkyler@sierracollege.edu
Debbie Hill dhill@sierracollege.edu
Math 30,31,32 Calculus Mary Beth Pattengale mpattengale@sierracollege.edu
Math 33 Differential Equations Dan Balaguy dbalaguy@sierracollege.edu
Ian Wu iwu@sierracollege.edu
Math 42 Business Calculus Debbie Hill dhill@sierracollege.edu
Math 584 Math Success
Overcoming Math Anxiety
Patricia Ritchie-Reese pritchie@sierracollege.edu