·       Math D - Intermediate Algebra, 4 units

·       Section 20618

·       Monday/Wednesday 6:30-8:25 p.m.

·       Room I2


Instructor: Jolie Huston


Welcome Aboard! I’m looking forward to a good semester and hope this class will be enjoyable and rewarding for you.


If You Need To Reach Me...

        Voice Mail: (916) 789-2649 ext.7081


        Webpage: (NOTE: there is no www)

        Office Hours: after class


Prerequisites: One year of high school algebra or Math A or equivalent with a grade of “C” or better, or placement by matriculation assessment process.


Materials Needed:

·        “Intermediate Algebra”, third edition by Larson and Hostetler

·        Calculator

·        Graph Paper

·        Optional - Student Solution Manual


Material to be Covered: Chapters P, 1-9

Exponents, radicals, complex numbers, factoring, linear and quadratic equations and inequalities; linear, quadratic, exponential and logarithmic functions; graphing, and systems of equations. A continuation of Math A; equivalent to the second year of high school algebra.



Grading Policy: Your grade will be based on your scores of the following:

·        Homework: Five sets - 20 points each

·        Quizzes: 10 points each. Lowest quiz score is dropped.

·        Five Exams - 100 points each

·        The Final Exam will be comprehensive. (200 points)

·        Grading will be by percentage: 90% and above = A

                                                        80% to 89.9% = B

                                                        70% to 79.9% = C

                                                        60% to 69.9% = D


Homework: Five homework sets are to be turned in throughout the semester according to the attached schedule. For every class meeting the homework set is late, you will lose 5 points. Don’t be late!


Quizzes: These will be announced at least one day in advance. “I didn’t know there was a quiz today.” is NOT a valid excuse. Be responsible for yourself! If you miss class, call me or a fellow student to find out what you missed!


Make-ups: No make-ups will be given unless you have a valid written excuse. You must notify me PRIOR to the exam (or quiz) if you cannot make the test date. You will be able to drop one quiz - the first quiz missed receives a zero. It is possible to take an exam early, just let me know so we can make arrangements. If you miss an exam, then a written valid explanation (with proof) is necessary. 


Attendance: Regular class attendance is essential for learning math. If you do not attend for three consecutive classes, you are subject to administrative drop from the class. Medical or other valid excuses will be accepted. If you stop attending class, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to withdraw from the course through administration to avoid a ‘F’ grade.


Dates to Remember:

·        February 6  - Last day to add or drop w/o notation on record

·        February 13-16  - Holiday - President’s Weekend

·        April 5-10  - Spring Break

·        April 20  - Last day to withdraw with W grade

FINAL EXAM: Wednesday, May 26