Meeting Times:

Friday’s @ 1:15





Justin Marshall, President:

Kate Kays-Hoepker, Vice President


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Upcoming events:

·        3/13 Professor Ken Johnson presents a lecture on Fraction and Decimal relationships

·        3/14 Campus Clean Up – raise money for Math Club


Future Presentations:

Professor Ken Johnson presents 3/13


Look out for Super Pi Day coming March 14!!





Sierra College

Math Club


Join fellow Sierra College students in their pursuit of enjoying

and understanding mathematics in a

casual, student-lead setting where

 ideas and questions are shared and explored!

We welcome all levels of mathematics students who are

 interested in math and want to

share in the fun! Join us!

























What’s new??

Professor Ken Johnson comes to Math Club! Listen as Professor Johnson reveals interesting relationships between fractions and decimals. Discover intriguing patterns and other connections that you may not have seen before. Join our collaborative environment where discussion and questions are encouraged. We look forward to seeing you!

Also, Math Club just went to their first math conference for the semester in Los Altos at Foothills College. We listened to inspiring speakers discuss various topics from the latest research in combinatorics and teaching math to Perplexus, the fun kids’ toy that’s a 3-D maze in a sphere. If you want to join us on our next trip, come to Friday meetings and learn about what we will do next!

Speaker Michael McGinnis with his Superplexus: