SYLLABUS for Wayne Hild’s                 MATH 13 : ELEMENTARY STATISTICS                  Summer 2002

MTWTh: 7:15-10:45 am                                 Course          # 00586                                            Room  Weaver  100

MTWTh: 1:20-4:50 pm                                  Course   # 00931(cable TV course)                     Room  LR(Lib)  127


WELCOME!! Statistics is one of the most useful and even interesting (??…I hope!) math classes you’ll ever take. It is a math class though and will require doing lots and lots of practice problems to understand how it all fits together. Think of this class as a job and your instructor as a supervisor who will be evaluating you. If you miss work (class), or don’t do what’s assigned (homework), someone else will get the promotion (good grade). Come to every class, do every assignment, form study groups, and come see me with questions.  I want you all to do as well as you possibly can in this difficult class!!


Office Hours:  I usually get here 30 minutes early (6:45 am) and also will stay after class, if you have questions.


Messages:  You can leave me a message any time from a touch tone phone at: (530) 274-5300 x 3622  or  (916) 624-3333 x2649 (voice mail x3622).        Do not call asking for missed assignments however, get them from someone else in the class!!!


Prerequisites: Two years of high school algebra, or Math D or equivalent with a grade of “C” or better, or by assessment.


Text: ELEMENTARY STATISTICS, by Triola, 8th edition, copyright 2001 by Addison Wesley Longman, Inc.


Calculator:  A scientific calculator  (with logarithms ) is a necessity. Even better is a calculator with “two variable statistics”, also called “linear regression”.  If you’re really motivated, the bookstore has Texas Instruments TI-83 statistics/graphics calculators for ???. These don’t usually help your grade, but they are very powerful and maybe even fun.


POLICIES AND GRADING:        Each problem on tests, homework, and quizzes will be graded using the following rubric.


4        Correct solution shown ( not necessarily the exact correct answer). Clear and neat presentation that makes it obvious the student completely understands the problem and the method of solution. The answer is checked when possible, at least with a quick calculator computation or a second, logically consistent method. Attempting the check is mentioned.

3        Minor revision or correction needed. Basically a correct solution that contains a flaw or maybe two flaws in details. Clear student understands the most important aspects of the problem. Omitting an easy check or sloppiness could be a “3”.

2        Important revision needed. Student started problem correctly but had difficulty with the math steps necessary to complete the problem, or had a major misconception during the problem setup but did credible math after that.

1        Started with an idea related to the problem but either got off track or stopped before doing anything creditable.

0        Blank paper or work that shows no interest in finding a solution. Anything relevant to a solution is scored as a “1”.


Homework & Labs:  (about 10% of your grade)... homework will be assigned and collected/graded each class period. Each assignment will be graded on a scale of four points as above. I must be able to follow all your reasoning on homework and tests if you expect full credit. Late homework will not be accepted!! Before you leave today get the phone numbers of at least three classmates you can call if you miss class. (Please do not call me.) Also have them drop off that day’s homework for you if you will not be there. We will also occasionally go to the lab (in Weaver Hall or the LRC) to do statistics with the software program included on the CD that comes with your book. You may do these labs at home if you are a TV student, or you may come in to the LRC or the computer labs at NCC and use the college’s computers.


Person # 1 _________: Ph ___________    # 2 ___________: Ph ______________# 3 ____________: Ph ___________

Quizzes:  (about 5% of your grade)...will be unannounced and given one or two times a week on recent material. They will also be graded on a scale of four points, and cannot be made up if missed. (Don’t miss class!!).


Tests:  (about 85% of your grade)... There will be three or four 100 point chapter tests and a 200 point cumulative final exam (mailed back to you if I get a SASE final’s day). No makeup tests will be given!!! If you miss a test, I will use half your grade on the final for that test grade. You may take an exam in advance if you know you will be absent on a test day - just let me know beforehand.


TV Course Students will drop off homework and pick up handouts either at the Tutor Center in the library at Rocklin (LRC 402), or at the admissions office (till June 17th) or the library (after June 17th) at the Nevada County Campus. You may fax homework to LRC 402 at (916) 789-2992. TV students will also take tests at one of these two locations on the day of the in-class test. Remember! You must have picture I.D. to take an exam in the LRC or at NCC! Hours for LRC 402 are 7:30 am until 7 pm, Monday through Thursday. NCC admissions/library hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday thru Thursday.


Dropping: You may be dropped from the class if you miss three class meetings. But do not assume you have been dropped unless the registrar confirms this. Anyone enrolled after the date on your class schedule must be given a letter grade.



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Grades: Letter grades will be assigned based on your overall percentage score as follows:    

                  A (90 - 100%);         B (80 - 89%); C (70 - 79%);           D (60 - 69%);           F (less than 60%).


GOOD LUCK!!! I’m looking forward to a very enjoyable semester!


Readings and Homework...(tentative)   for Wayne Hild’s ELEMENTARY STATISTICS class. Spring 2002   


Date   Reading Section                 Graded Problems to be turned in by next class


Mon 6/3                 p. 28            1-12

                  2.2              3,7,23

                  2.3              1-5,13,31

Tues 6/4                 2.4              1,5

         2.5              1,5

         2.6              1,3,5,9

Wed 6/5                 2.7              1,7

         3.2              1,4,19,37

                  3.3              1,3,7,11,13,15,19,23

Thur 6/6                 3.4              1,3,5,7,17,19,21

         3.5              7,13,15,19

                  3.6              9

Mon 6/10      3.7              1,3,11,13,21,25,27

         4.2              7,9,15

                  4.3              1,3,9,13,17,27,31

Tues 6/11      4.4              1,5,15

                  4.5              1,3,5,7

         5.2              9,13,15,17,19,23,33,35,37

Wed 6/12       5.3              7,9,13,17

5.4                             5,7,11,13,21

5.5              9,11,15

Thur 6/13               Test 1 : Ch  2 , 3  &  4

Mon 6/17      5.6              9,11,16,19,21,23,25

                  6.2              5,7,9,11

         6.3              7,9,15,17

Tues 6/18      6.4              1,5,7

         6.5              21,23,25

                  7.3              11,13,15,17

Wed 6/19       7.4              11,15,19

                  7.5              1,5,9,11

         8.2              1,9,11

Thur 6/20      8.3              1,5,7,9

8.4                             7,17

8.5              1,3,7

Mon 6/24               Test 2 : Ch 5 , 6  &  7

Tues 6/25      8.6              1,7,13

         9.2              3,5,9

         9.3              3,5,9  

Wed 6/26       10.2             3,11

10.3             11,13 

                  11.2             1,3

Thur 6/27               Test 3 : Ch 8 & 9

Mon 7/1                 13.3             5,7

         13.4             5,7

                  13.5             1,4

Tues 7/2        Review

Wed 7/3                          CUMULATIVE FINAL EXAM - in this room during normal class time.