Top 10 Skills for the Future
by Bill Complin
(Author of 10 Things Employers Want You To Learn in College)

(1) Work Ethic, including self-motivation & time management

(2) Physical skills, e.g., maintaining ones health and good appearance

(3) Verbal (oral) communication, including one-on-one and in a group

(4) Written communication, including editing and proofing ones work

(5) Working directly with people, relationship building, and team work.

(6) Influencing people, including effective salesmanship and leadership

(7) Gathering information through various media and keeping it organized

(8) Using quantitative tools, e.g., statistics, graphs, or spreadsheets

(9) Asking and answering the right questions, evaluating information, and applying knowledge

(10)Solving problems, including identifying problems, developing possible solutions & launching solutions