Ken Johnson

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Professor, Mathematics

Office V-315B

Phone: (916) 660-7964


Spring 2017   Click here for all course materials and office hours


Academic Honesty Policy



Star Trek Quote of the Week (or Month or maybe Semester):

“The human race has an enduring desire for knowledge, and for new opportunities to improve itself…”

 – Data to Q

-          TNG/”Deja Q”


Reference Guide:        TOS = Star Trek: The Original Series

                                    TNG = Star Trek: The Next Generation

                                    DS9 = Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

                                    VGR = Star Trek: Voyager


All Star Trek Quotes from Quotable Star Trek, by Jill Sherwin.  Pocket Books Copyright 1999 by Paramount Pictures


Happy 50th Anniversary to Star Trek  1966 – 2016



Printable Graph Paper


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