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Welcome to Online MATH A (Beginning Algebra)!

Before you get started, do you know if online-learning is right for you?  Please take this brief survey: Online Readiness Survey.



Second, check the syllabus to make sure you have the computer system requirements to work online!


Hi, welcome to my online MATH A course!  My name is Ian Wu and I will be your instructor for the next several weeks.  Please address me as “Wu” or “Mr. Wu”.  That is what I prefer people at the college to call me.  Plus, it is short and simple.  I look forward to getting to know you all through emails and other forms of communication.  Note that my email address for this class is


I will email you through your Sierra College email address.  You should check your Sierra College email regularly as this is the official communication channel for the college.  You will use your Sierra College email address in MyMathLab. 


The online class is run through a program called MyMathLab.  Since the material is all online, you may begin the course earlier than the official start date.  I wanted to get you all the information so that you could purchase your access codes and login into the program so you will be ready to go when the semester starts on August 21st.


Before you register, visit the following website, scroll down the website, and watch two videos: 

Need a Little Help to register MML?


To access our course go directly to the program we will be using which has a portal at


You want to bookmark this site in your internet browser.  Once you have reached the MyLab/Mastering site you will need to register as a student, Click on the button under REGISTER that says STUDENT. 

If you have previously used MyMathLab, you can sign into your Pearson account under SIGN IN and then add this course to your previous courses.

In order to do register for this course you will need to have the following items as you will be prompted for them:

1.         Course ID for our online course: wu07238

2.         Have student Access Kit purchased at the bookstore OR have a valid credit card to purchase your Access Code directly online as you are registering.

3.       Your Sierra College email address ( 


After you have successfully registered for the course you will need to run the browser check on your home computer to make sure you have all the needed plug-ins for the program to run.  After completing registration, click on your MyMathLab course and find the Course Home page.  There is an announcement and a button on the Course Home page that will allow you to complete the browser check.


Now you are all ready to begin the course, start by reading the syllabus again located under the “START HERE – Course Information” button in the course.  Go to the “Daily-To-Do List” button and give a brief introduction of yourself on the Discussion Board.  You should see my introduction in there!  If you happen to be on campus, please come visit me in V-311d.  I enjoy meeting my students face-to-face.  We will be using the discussion board throughout the semester to get to know one another and share helpful tips. I will post studying tips and math questions on the discussion board.

Instructor's Audio Introduction      Intructor's Audio Introduction (.pdf)


For your convenience, I linked the syllabus again!  Be sure to read it several times. I also included a link to some campus tutoring services.



Some Campus Tutoring Services