Ian Wu

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Bay Valley Conference Cross Country Championships, fall of 1998

MY JOURNEY: I attended Sacramento City College during 1997 - 2000. My interest in teaching math increased in momentum as I tutored in 4 different labs, taught for the Beacon P.A.L. (Peer Assisted Learning) Program, and participated in MESA (Math, Engineering, Science, Achievement). At the time, I financed my own expenses with part-time tutoring jobs and managed to be a full-time scholar athlete. I ran collegiate cross country in the fall semesters, track in the spring semesters, and I did my base training in the summers. With the help of academic scholarships and financial aid, I transferred to CSU Chico and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics in 2002. Due to the demands of my degree and bodily injuries, I retired from competitive running and concentrated on becoming a math teacher. I replenished my scholarship funds and transferred to CSU Sacramento in 2002. To prepare myself for the workforce, I taught mathematics at CSU Sacramento and at Sacramento City College before I obtained my Master of Arts Degree in Math in 2007.  I was hired as a Math Instructor for Sierra College in the fall of 2009.

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Graduating with my Masters Degree, spring of 2007

INTERESTS: When the opportunities present themselves, I enjoy the company of great friends. Beside from teaching mathematics, I like to snowboard, play a little bit of friendly poker, and run with my dog. In the winter, I go snowboarding around Lake Tahoe. In the summer, I like to escape the heat by visiting friends in the Bay Area or relax in a swimming pool, or do a little bit of bowfishing.

RANDOM FACTS:   I speak fluent Cantonese and English was not my first language. I joke about Cantonese as my first language, math as my second, and English as my third language.  Ironically, in the process of learning math, I also learn English! I am right-handed and left-footed. I have snowboarded in Whistler, Canada. I use to play in competitive table tennis tournaments. I am an inaugural Gates Millennium Scholar.  The “Gates” here is referring to Bill Gates.



January 21, 2012