(Area Code is 916 unless specified)

Charles Albright     Assistant Professor

V - 215B

660-7995 or x7995

Jacqueline Anderson   Professor

T - 227 (T.T.)

(530) 550-2280 or x2280

Daniel Balaguy   Professor

V - 315A

660-7960 or x7960

Andreas Bazos  Assistant Professor

V - 215C

660-7982 or x7982

Charles T. Buchwald   Professor - Math Center Coordinator

V - 311B

660-7963 or x7963

Vicki Day   Professor

N7 - 116

(530) 274-5293 or x5293

Rebecca DeCourten   Professor

N7 - 212

(530) 274-5337 or x5337

Barbara Erysian   Professor

V - 313B

660-7974 or x7974

Rene Gottwig   Professor

T -  (T.T.)

(530) 550- or x

Matt Harrison  Instructional Assistant  - Math and Technology

V - 329A

660-7979 or x7979

Lynn Harrison-Benavidez Professor

V - 315C

660-7959 or x7959

Debbie Hill   Professor

V - 313C

660-7976 or x7976

Kenneth G. Johnson   Professor

V - 315B

660-7964 or x7964

Jay Kesler Assistant Professor

V - 315D

660-7971 or x7971

Sudha Kolathu Parambil    Assistant Professor

V - 313C

660-7961 or x7961

Rebecca Kyler  Professor

V - 315C

660-7969 or x7969

Katie Lucero   Professor

V - 311C

660-7975 or x7975

Ann Mitchell     Instructional Assistant - ILP

V - 217

660-7989 or x7989

Michele Morgan  Professor


(530) 274-5262 or x5262

Sabrina Newsome   Professor

V - 311B

660-7967 or x7967

Mary Beth Pattengale   Professor

V - 311C

660-7970 or x7970

Walter Pro   Instructional Assistant - Developmental Math

V - 208

660-7981 or x7981

Jill Rafael   Professor

V - 311A

660-7972 or x7972

James Razavi   Instructional Assistant - ILP

V - 217

660-7978 or x7978

Patricia Ritchie Reese    Assistant Professor

V - 315D 

660-7977 or x7977 

Donna Smith Professor

V - 313A

660-7965 or x7965

Lyudmila Shved   Assistant Professor

V - 215A

660-7988 or x7988

Elaine Sturgell   Instructional Assistant - Developmental Math

V - 208

660-7980 or x7980

James M. Sullivan   Professor

V - 313D

660-7973 or x7973

Vitaliy Supin  LTT Mathematics Instructor

V - 322

660- or x

Pitt Turner    Assistant Professor

V - 313B

660-7987 or x7987

Kiet Vo  Assistant Professor


660-7996 or x7996

Mike Waterson   Assistant Professor

V - 215C

660-7966 or x7966

Ian Wu   Professor

V - 311D

660-7968 x7968



To contact part-time staff, call 789-2649 and leave a voice-mail message at the extension shown below.

For those without phone numbers, call the Science Division Office at x7900 or 660-7900 for an alternate number.





Alisher Abdul


Mohammed Mirzaagha (Abe Mirza)


Azra Adamzadeh


Tu Ngo


Lana Aishchenko


Dung Nguyen


Mary Ann Cassell


Dean Perkins


Jackson Chung


Dick Phelan


Claire Dodson


Joseph Phillips


James Duran


Hector Rodriguez


Tom Dyer


Randy Rosenberger


David Farschman

(530) 273-4409

Lisa Sowinski


Johanna Fox


Jennifer Stanley


Michael Gardetto


Karsten Stemmann


Yuriy Gnatyuk


Binh Truong


Satenik Haroyan


Peter Uram


Wayne Hild


Tatyana Uram


Jolie Huston


Newton Wai


Harry Kellogg


Bryan White


Sarah Konst


Elizabeth Zapata


Piyali Markalanda


Terence Yi


Eric Mejia


Zhi Zeng (Tony)




DEAN: Heather Roberts

ASSOCIATE DEAN: Karen Warburton



 Sandy Muraki (660-7409 or x7409)